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1704, 2021

Essay Introduction Paragraph: Essential Elements and Examples

By |Essay Writing Tips|

Before we come down to how to start the introduction and what to include, you have to understand why this part is so important for the success of the whole paper. The intro and conclusion are not the additional parts, they are the frame that holds the essay structure together and lets readers dive deeper into the topic and take something out of it. Read on to write catchy, laconic, and engaging introductions suitable for your essay type that will make teachers' [...]

603, 2021

Get Better at Writing Essays with These 10 Tips from Professors

By |Essay Writing Tips|

Does essay writing suck you all the time? Don't worry; you're not alone because we all once in a while skated between the words and probably end with an average write-up. After all, writing an engaging paper isn't like reading, and you're done with it.  You have to pass through the loop of research, brainstorm, outline, draft, and editing citations. It feels overwhelming, right!  Today, I am going to share the 10 most valuable tips from the professors that help you [...]

2802, 2021

Easy Guide to Writing a Critical Reflection Paper on an Article or a Book

By |Essay Writing Tips|

At one point in college, we all have to write a reading reflection essay. It’s an exciting project if you know the elements that will make it decent. How to write a reflection paper? What sections should you include? Is it any similar to other academic projects? If you have any of these questions, this article is for you. I’ll guide you through every section of the paper, every preparation step, and share tips that will help your writing become impeccable. [...]

2807, 2020

Challenging Topics for Abortion Essay With Tips and Sources

By |Essay Topics, Literature Reviews|

Abortion essay is one of the most controversial essays students are ever asked to write. The debate around the issue is so sensitive that professors sometimes discourage students from choosing an abortion essay topic for their open topic essay. Students, on the other hand, argue for their point with so much vigor that it no longer looks like a scientific and impartial academic writing.    Thus, my recommendation is to approach writing an abortion essay with the readiness to do scrupulous research [...]

2607, 2020

Controversial Medical Topics for an Essay

By |Essay Topics|

Consider some great controversial medical topics to read and write about. They are meant for the general public, not for medical students only. Controversial Topics in Healthcare for an Essay 1. Is there a link between poverty and poor health? (How does poverty contribute to poor health?) 2. Is the cost of healthcare in the United States justified? 3. What drives the cost of healthcare in the United States? (Be informed that the state spends on healthcare much more than European [...]

2405, 2020

The Invisible Harm of Data: Critical View on the Internet Sustainability

By |Literature Reviews|

When writing an essay about the benefits and harm of the internet, students mostly discuss the impact of the internet on the human mind and everyday practices. A few manage to note the negative impact on the environment, which is growing at a tremendous scale. Read my article, originally published on Predict, to find out more about this topic. Sustainability has definitely been in the spotlight in recent years, making many people change their everyday practices and even compel businesses to [...]

605, 2020

Insightful Coronavirus Topics For an Essay

By |Essay Topics|

Coronavirus doesn’t need a special introduction today - every student knows what it is, where it comes from, and what measures are taken to tackle the problem. Constant monitoring of news and social media feed is overwhelming and rises the level of anxiety, so many prefer not to research the impact of Covid-19 any more.   Nonetheless, there are many ways in which the pandemic is changing students’ lives and life on the planet as such. Writing an essay on one of [...]

2204, 2020

8 Qualities of a Good Book Report Writer

By |Essay Writing Tips, Guest Post|

This is the guest post by M Suleman.  It can be daunting to know if someone is a good book report writer or not, especially if one of their sample writings has never been turned down for poor quality. So, how do you separate the wheat from the grain? One of the best and easiest ways to identify a good writer is through the qualities they exhibit daily.  Besides the fact that they are essential for any effective writer, they provide [...]

2702, 2020

How to Cite a Poem in Academic Papers: Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

By |Essay Writing Tips, Guest Post|

This is the guest post by Elizabeth Price. Preparing a good academic paper is not an easy task. Analysis of the essay topic, generating creative ideas and structuring an essay require substantial academic writing skills and efforts. Still, even the most hard-working and experienced professionals at times stagnate when it comes to quoting a direct speech or a poem.  To quote means to place the exact words of another author in the text to complement vividly what you are writing about. [...]

1202, 2020

Patriotism Essay: Topic Ideas and Recommended Reading

By |Essay Topics, Literature Reviews|

Patriotism essays we write at schools and colleges are not just for us to practice our use of epithets for “love” and “country”, it is to make students critically consider the notion of patriotism and its impact. In fact, the topic is truly debatable. While some feel alarmed by the diminishing importance of patriotism, others argue that we should no longer cherish this feeling or breed it in our children to hold governments liable and progress as humanity.      This post [...]

812, 2019

How to Find Credible Sources for Research

By |Essay Writing Tips|

When you enter a college or university, it is no longer enough to express your opinion on the topic when writing an essay. You are expected to read credible sources and argue for your own view in response to the ideas of others.  The sources you read and quote define the quality of your argument (and your grade, of course). Thus, the ability to find credible sources for research or determine if a source is credible make a great deal of [...]

3110, 2019

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Essays and Research Papers

By |Essay Writing Tips|

It will make you fail on all your assignments. It will make teachers harass you for being a liar and a thief. It will make you be suspended or expelled from your dream university…  Won’t plagiarism make a great Halloween character?  With all the spooky warnings and myths, students are appalled at the requirement to base their essays on the information from published sources while also avoiding any type of plagiarism.  Let us discuss everything you should know about plagiarising so [...]

1110, 2019

Social Media Essay: Topics, Ideas and Credible Sources

By |Essay Topics, Literature Reviews|

Today, billions of people around the world actively use social media, which has affected many aspects of human life: mental health, relationships, business, criminal investigations, employment, news, and even revolutions. This is why social media essays have become so popular in academia.  Just like any other essay, social media essays may be assigned to teach students academic writing skills, but it’s vital that students analyze the positive and negative effects of social media and prevent the dangers it may pose.   In [...]

2309, 2019

Edit My Essay Free: An Unbiased Check of Free Writing Checkers

By |Essay Writing Tips|

Edit my essay free, edit my essay for free online, edit my paper free… No, this is not a mantra some students would repeat for heaven to give them what they need. These are actual search terms students type in about 1k times each month.  Of course, I am fully aware of the modest student budget, but knowing how much time, knowledge and effort it takes to edit an academic paper, I could only view free essay editing as a creative [...]

1408, 2019

Proper Use of Semicolon: A Quick Guide with Examples

By |Essay Writing Tips, Guest Post|

This is the guest post by Stephanie Schottel from Cup of Tea Language Coaching. Stephanie is a Houston-based certified Neurolanguage Coach® that specializes in one-on-one ESL coaching. Enjoy her great explanation of the proper use of semicolon and excellent semicolon examples.  I have a love affair with the semicolon. Yes, you read right. I might be one of a handful of people who actually have an emotional attachment to punctuation! It’s just that the semicolon is so powerful, and that’s [...]

707, 2019

How to Write an Effective Rhetorical Analysis Essay

By |Essay Topics, Essay Writing Tips|

How do you write a rhetorical analysis essay?  Imagine you have to deliver a speech arguing for something your audience might not support. You will not just speak up your ideas, you will carefully organize your argument for your audience to believe you can be trusted and start feeling and thinking the same way.  In rhetorical analysis, you do the reverse thing: Listen to or read such argument composed by someone else and dig into how an author organized it, what [...]

806, 2019

Sociology Research Topics that Engage Interest and Discussion

By |Essay Topics|

Sociology research topics all deal with the study of human society. Such a broad idea makes most students confused about where to start and what can/cannot qualify as sociology research. Let me clarify this for you and suggest some interesting sociology research topics that will help you get a good mark and valuable knowledge. How to Narrow Sociology Research Topics All sociology research topics can be narrowed to the study of a particular social institution or social phenomenon. Social institutions are [...]

2104, 2019

How to Save Money and Nerves Using Thesis Proofreading Services

By |Essay Writing Tips|

A thesis is a long academic or scientific document presenting students’ research and findings and, thus, supporting their academic degree or professional qualifications. In simple words, a thesis is not “just another essay”, it is a comprehensive paper that shows you as a professional and which you need to graduate. This is why so much time and attention should be devoted to all stages of thesis writing: choosing a topic, doing research, writing a thesis and proofreading it. While the first [...]

912, 2018

Improve Your Writing with 10 Simple Paragraph and Sentence Editing Techniques

By |Essay Writing Tips|

A good structure and flow of your paper have a direct impact on the effectiveness of your argument. But what if your hard-worked-upon draft is still far from clear? Well, this is why you don’t - or, at least shouldn't - hand in the first draft! Each time, finish with some paragraph and sentence editing to improve your writing.   Here, you have to acknowledge that the aim of editing is to cut the clutter and make the writing more concise. While scientists [...]

2307, 2018

Topics for Cause and Effect Essay

By |Essay Topics|

Here is the list of 57 most interesting topics for cause and effect essay. When writing a cause and effect essay, you may choose to consider only causes, only effects, or both (which is less common though). Remember to demonstrate what you have chosen to consider in a thesis statement. For example,  If you consider the causes of pollution, your thesis statement will be: Air pollution is caused by (1st cause), (2nd cause), and (3rd cause). If you consider the effects [...]

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