Can safe your time and efforts




  • a coherent and error free academic essay following all the requirements 
  • 100% plagiarism free (a Plag scan report will be attached to each order)
  • Free revisions 
  • Money back guarantee 


Can point to all issues so that you correct them on your own 




  • evaluation of an essay's correspondence to the professor's requirements
  • recommendations concerning the needed changes
  • highlighting of all grammar and formatting mistakes
  • recommendations on a thesis statement, essay structure, etc.


Can eliminate language and formatting issues 




  • correction of grammatical, word choice, spelling and punctuation mistakes
  • addressing style and formatting issues
  • elimination of typos and repetitions
  • adding appropriate transition words


Can make your personal statement stand out




  • careful investigation of your voice and points you want to emphasize 
  • rewriting the essay to improve the flow and meet common expectations
  • Making the essay free of language issues and typos

*title and references page are not included in the word count! one page equals 300 words. 

The price is given for the orders with deadlines of more than 5 days! Urgent orders with less than 24h deadlines are charged about 40% higher. Please, create an order and you will receive an exact estimate of price.


a female student

I am so much pleased with the service. You really care about students' success here. It’s not that the paper is checked for grammar and transitions only, much efforts are put into meeting all the essay requirements. Great job!

Kathy B. 
a male student

I used grading. Such a valuable insight into the paper! I used the tips about restructuring of the essay and it became much much better. And grammar – one can easily correct everything if the mistakes are highlighted. A very useful service indeed.

Mathieu J. 
a female student

Everything is done thoroughly and delivered on time. Separate thanks for the formatting of the sources, both in text and in the references section – did not imagine there were so many mistakes there…

Kristal J. 
a female student

It was great how you worked with the direct quotations I used in my essay. I felt intuitively they were worth adding, but did not understand how to introduce them and explain why they matter. My essay was a success! 

Lin C. 
a male student

Nataly revised my long unfocused paragraphs and corrected inappropriate collocations! All the prof's requirements are discussed and reconfirmed! I am very much satisfied with the service.   

Vijay A. 

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What is the difference between proofreading and editing?


Proofreading eliminates language and formatting issues, but it does not change anything about the structure of your paper. Of course, proofreading is not about correcting typos and margins only - I do edit separate sentences with obscure meaning, make remarks on claims that need citation or recommend to add or revise a thesis statement if it is lacking or not appropriate when I proofread an essay. Still, unless your English is so bad that there is a need to edit every second sentence in the paper, the service will still qualify as proofreading. Proofread my paper...

Editing, in its turn, presupposes the revision of a structure, letting out of some irrelevant information, splitting or consolidation of paragraphs, adding topic sentences and concluding sentences to the paras, adding sentences to introduce and make inferences of the citation you give, etc. 

Thus, while proofreading assures grammatical correctness and formatting consistency,  editing assures all this plus coherency and effective presentation of your research and arguments. Edit my paper...

What does grading mean? How does it differ from proofreading and editing?

Grading is the assessment of the correspondence of your essay to the demands to academic writing and the demands stated in a particular task you have received from your professor.

Upon first reading, I will determine if the paper is not off topic. If the paper is off topic, there is no need to mark specific mistakes, as you will have to rewrite it. In this case, you will not have to pay and the money will be used for grading of the revised paper you send to me after you have it or, if you want to, for revising the paper for you. 

If the paper is not off topic, I will further mark all the issues you have along with my recommendations on how to address them. In particular, I can point out the following:

  • you have not covered this questions from your task (When you add the questions you have forgot to cover, I will have a look at them too)
  • you have not used enough sources, you need … more sources to meet the requirements
  • there is plagiarism detected in your essay - please, paraphrase and cite appropriately
  • you introduction is too long. Please, try to keep is at around 10% of the general word count. You may leave out this information or use it in a separate para/ a para # ...
  • your thesis statement is weak; you do not have an appropriate thesis statement. You may use this one: …
  • the direct quotation is too long, I suggest making a paraphrases/ leave only these words and paraphrase the rest, for example, “...”
  • this paragraph is too short - add the information you have here to para # - it supports the same point
  • this paragraph is too long, please, split it. In one para you can focus on …, in the second, develop this idea.  
  • this source is not credible/ too outdated - please consider adding a more relevant source and mind the issue in the following essays  
  • please, revise in-text citations. It should look like this: … (if the same mistake repeats, it will be only highlighted further)
  • please, avoid repetitions (all repetitive words highlighted)
  • this linking word is not used appropriately, better use this
  • this sentence has obscure meaning, please, consider rewriting it; this sentence is too long, revise please; you have several short sentences in a row - please, consolidate them into one longer sentence
  • a citation is needed
  • this is an unsupported claim. please, avoid unsupported claims in academic writing
  • please, add a page number for this direct quotation
  • please, revise the formatting of this source according to this example: ...; the following issues matching the example will be simply highlighted 
  • lacking page numbers, punctuation marks, typos, wrong margins will be simply corrected or highlighted

This way, grading is a great way to master academic writing. Grade my paper…

I need to revise the paper according to prof's comments. What service should I choose? 

If you have already received professor’s comments, you obviously do not need grading anymore. The rest depends on what exactly the professor has recommended. 

If the professor has stated that you need to improve the structure of your paper, that your paper lacks focus, that it is difficult to trace your argument, that you have relied too much on sources and the paper lacks your own conclusions, etc. - you need to order editing.

If the professor says you have made a good research and the paper is great (or at least ok), but you still need to work on your grammar and formatting - order proofreading.


If the professor says you need to rewrite the paper from scratch, that you have made wrong inferences from the sources or have to do additional research, but you are convinced that you did your best the first time and feel frustrated to work on the same paper again - create a custom order asking for specific help that you need.   

Will using the services help me develop my academic writing skills?

It depends on what services you use. You need to understand that hiring other people to write essays for you will not help you progress. This is why I deliberately avoid offering such service, even though I help students out sometimes if they are really pressed with deadlines (here is why custom writing can still be found in the pricing table).  

However, when you use grading, editing and proofreading, you see how exactly your paper may become better and analyze the mistakes you make. This definitely develops your academic writing skills and teaches you to self-edit efficiently. In addition, you still have to do a research - read and analyze quality sources, which is critical to developing academic writing skills. This way, grading, editing and proofreading services help you develop academic writing skills and get good grades while you are still not so good at academic writing.    

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