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Would you like to have good grades for all writing-related tasks in your high-school, college and university cources? To have an expert who answers all of your questions and guides your writing journey making sure you are always on the right track? A professional writer who can back you up and edit your rough draft? A coach who will make you believe in your strengths and help you meet all the deadlines? Well, you can have all these benefits hiring an experienced English essay writing tutor

How a Writing Tutor Will Help You Get Better Results Stress Free 

A writing tutor will help you understand your writing assignement and develop a step-by-step writing plan

If necessary, a tutor will explain to you the peculiarities of an academic paper that you need to write. An essay tutor will provide you with the necessary resources, explain the problem parts and answer your questions concerntating on practice and your actual writing task.  

You may ask your online writing tutor to find credible sources for your research or to help you understand the sources that you need to analyze.

You and your essay tutor will use a Google Document with shared access, so a tutor will be able to track your progress, leave tips and comments that will help you stay on the right track, set relevant tasks and schedules to motivate you to finish your essay in time.

A tutor will be your second pair of eyes to effectively proofread your essay and spot any missing information, non-correspondance to the professor’s requirements, and formating mistakes.

Using Online Writing Tutor Services You Get

Forget about feeling lost about where to start. An experienced instructor will guide your essay writing and step in when you need it most  

You personal security against submitting a failing essay and having to deal with essays mills and contract cheating 

Personal coaching that will help you get things done and meet all submittion deadlines hassle free 

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Let’s Get Acquainted…  

Online Essay Writing Tutor

I am Nataly, a person behind this website and an experienced academic writing tutor. Here are a few facts about me:

  • I hold a Master’s degree in English having graduated summa cum laude (in the top 5% of a class)

  • I have 10+ years of experience in academic writing and editing and have worked with dozens of native speakers and international students helping them master academic writing skills while working on their own assignments, not a separate English writing course.  

  • I am one of the most viewed writers in Writing Advice and Essays topics on Quora

  • I am a happy wife and the mother of two, and love working from home beside our little beauty – Campbell hamster.

  • There are two quotes above my desk. I look at the first one when I am tired and read the second one when I hesitate whether to take a challenge. And I always do.

Why Work With Me

Here is What My Clients Say

Get Essay Tutoring at an Affordable Price


  • on demand essay writing support
  • suitable for occasional clarifications and Q&A sessions, outline assessment, getting general feedback and revision guidelines


  • on demand essay writing support
  • may be used for one-to-one video tutoring and training you will need to complete essay related tasks


  • on demand essay writing support
  • suitable for students with no previous experience with essay writing or students that need additional English grammar practice


Online lessons take place in an interactive, digital classroom and include video, audio, a chat for direct communication, and a shared whiteboard. When you get a writing task, we create a Trello project for it detailing all the essay-related tasks and deadlines for them. If you want to get help with the task, you schedule a tutoring session or just assign the task to me. We also set up a shared Google Document for each writing assignement, where I add comments and highligh mistakes. When the essay is ready, I will check the paper for plagiarism and go through the text to catch any typos and mistakes or to suggest further improvements. You may use tutoring time for me edit or proofread the paper.

An essay tutor may help you brainstorm the ideas or do research, help choose the most appropriate topic, provide tips and training to develop your academic writing abilities and skills, help you create an effective outline and structure your first draft, provide you with critical feedback, check the paper for plagiarism, teach you to cite the sources correctly and check for formatting mistakes, edit or proofread your essay, review and polish the final draft, keeping you on all deadlines for drafts and final paper submissions.

  • You get the necessary skills and confidence in your strength
  • You improve your academic performance
  • There is a trusted person who can help you manage your deadlines
  • You can study without leaving a house having your classes on demand or scheduling them in advance
  • You get help with your questions and personal challenges.
  • You get a personal coach who trusts in you and helps you reach success