State Policy Essay Topics

Here are some great topics on state policies. Where you have links, they lead to the review of credible sources, which you can use to write your essay (summaries and APA and MLA citations are included).

Economics essay topics

1. Does national debt poses a threat to the country? Should the government be hold responsible for increasing the national debt?

2. Should the government spend part of its budget in foreign aid?

3. Should the state spend part of its budget in space exploration? Review of credible sources on the topic. 

4. Should the rich pay a higher percentage of taxes?

5. What can increase long run economic growth? Whose role is primary here: of a state or of business?

6. What national policies can increase an economic welfare of citizens?

7. Does globalization have a positive or negative effect on the national economy?

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Justice, election and immigration laws essay topics

8. Is political compromise a good thing?

9. Should the electoral college exist?

10. Should the costs of election campaigns be capped?

11. Should prisoners be allowed to vote?

12. Should death penalty be banned?

13. Are community sentences effective in tackling crime or do they simply alternate with incarceration so that the prisons are not overcrowded?

14. What should be the state’s policy in relation to immigration? Consider both work immigrants and refugees, from Syria in particular.

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Defense and homeland security essay topics

15. What should be the policy in relation to gun carry?

16. Should the state interfere into the military conflicts of other states? In what way? In what cases?

17. Is government surveillance and intelligence community infringing on the citizens’ rights? Review of credible sources on the topic. 

18. Should intelligence be given access to social media accounts?

19. Is the role of the media in relation to security rather positive or negative?

20. Should there be laws prohibiting hate speech? Should hate speech be regulated on the Internet?

21. Does the state do enough to ensure the security of the nation? You may consider separately airports/schools/poor districts, etc.

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Heath and social care essay topics

22. Should the United States change the healthcare policy? Why?

23. Should abortion be legal?

24. Should euthanasia be legal?

25. Should genetic engineering in humans be legal? Review of credible sources on the topic. 

26. Should unconventional forms of medicine be part of a national healthcare?

27. Should marijuana be legalized?

28. Should television commercials for alcohol be banned?

29. Should there be a state regulation of fast food chains/McDonald’s/schools’ menu?

30. Should the state regulate the price of pharmaceutical products?

31. Can/should the state tackle the issue of high divorce rate?

32. Should the developed states address the human trafficking issues? How? Can opt-out donation system ease the situation? Should doctors be required to report the cases when people who are not on the national list receive a needed organ? Review of credible sources on the topic. 

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 Labor and education laws essay topics

33. Should the state regulate the education fees of the colleges and universities?

34. Doe college still pays off for the individual citizens?

35. Does the state benefit from a bigger number of people receiving higher education? If yes, should higher education be (a least partly) funded by the state?

36. What should be the policy of the state in relation to class size? The two options are either to pay teachers teaching large classes more or to reduce the number of students in a class by opening new schools and classes.

37. Should immigrants be required to learn the national language?

38. Some developing countries pay a high price of its citizens’ health for the economic development. Should the developed states help and demand their suppliers from developing countries to comply with their labor laws?

39. Should taking vacations be compulsory?

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Environmental policy essay topics

40. Should the state invest into fighting against global warming/global ecological threats when there are many countries that contribute to the worsening of the situation?

41. Should the government pass laws to make fracking illegal?

42. Should people be fined for not recycling?

43. Some people claim policy concerning the cutting of trees is somehow ambiguous because it is difficult to say what is the primary need: logs to be used for paper, houses and furniture or the alive trees. What should be the policy of the state concerning deforestation?

44. Should the developed states help and demand their suppliers to comply with the European norms in relation to environment?

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These topics are rather general and are meant for the general public. Alternatively, you can write about any current political event assessing its relevance and possibly predicting its outcomes.

It is also possible to argue for the positive or negative effect from a particular policy, which was introduced in the past or has been introduced recently.

You can also investigate the political science theoriescompare various state types or critically evaluate the ideas of a particular political thinker.


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